Join us on Wednesday, June 20th
for Dog Flu Vaccination Day!


Dog flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease. The disease is easily transmitted though typical dog behaviors like barking, licking, sniffing, and sharing water bowls and toys. A dog could be contagious for almost a month after contracting dog flu.

Just like it is recommended for humans to get the flu shot every year, dogs also should be vaccinated annually against dog flu for their protection and to contain the spread of the disease.


We recommend that dogs visiting areas such as dog parks, doggie daycares, grooming salons, dog sporting events, dog shows or boarding facilities receive the dog flu vaccination.

Contact our office at (812) 282-3855 to schedule your appointment and ask about special Dog Flu Vaccination Day offers!

Share the news with your friends and help prevent a dog flu outbreak in your area. When sharing on social media, use the hashtag #dogfluday.