Veterinary House Calls in JeffersonvilleVeterinary House Calls

Eastside Animal Hospital’s In-Home compassionate care and wellness services are designed to help our established pets and people. We understand that for a variety of reasons in-home care can often ease a pet owner’s burden or a pet’s pain, stress, or discomfort with trips to the veterinary office. Eastside Animal Hospital wants to be available for these special circumstances. Often these services surround end of life decisions for a beloved dog or cat family member.  Other times house-calls for wellness services are just less stressful than coming in to the office.

Scheduling Home Health Services

Call our office and speak with a client care representative who will be happy to coordinate your visit. Please note that because we maintain an active office appointment schedule these services are offered on a pre-scheduled basis and often require a few days advance notice.


What to Expect From an In-Home Visit

It is our honor to provide services to you and your pet in your home.

Depending on the type of service requested either an Eastside Animal Hospital veterinarian and an assistant or a Registered Veterinary Technician and an assistant will visit with you and your pet.

Please provide a quiet space in your home so that we may focus our attention on your pet’s needs.

And, we kindly ask that you have your pet confined to a room or crate prior to our arrival.

puppyTypes of Services Offered on a Home Health Basis

We can individualize the services we provide to meet your pet’s needs. Types of services that can be offered include:

  • Annual and Semi-annual Wellness Check-Ups with a nose to tail exam
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood sample collection and monitoring of Blood Pressure
  • Medical grooming, brush outs and Nail Trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Pain Management and Palliative Care
  • Laser therapy
  • Fluid therapy
  • End of Life Services

We do not recommend or provide in home services for acutely ill or injured pets. Those patients are best served in a hospital setting.

Fees and Payment for Home Health Services

In addition to our regular office visit fee there is a house-call fee which is based on mileage from our location to yours. This fee is assessed per visit not per pet.  With advanced notice and by your invitation we are happy to help your neighbors during the same visit with a “split house-call fee”!

Because we offer In-Home services to established clients only, payment can be made by stopping by our office or from the convenience of your own home through Eastside Animal Hospital’s Pay Pal account.