Urgent and Emergency Care Services

Let’s face it – pets are family.

Here at Eastside Animal Hospital, we understand how frightening it can be when pets are sick or injured. And like people, a pet’s medical needs don’t always arise at the most convenient times.

For over 50 years, Eastside Animal Hospital has provided Clark County and surrounding communities with urgent and emergency care services. Opening early and closing late, we provide greater access to the compassionate care you’ve come to know and expect from us.

Pet Emergencies in Jeffersonville We’ve got you covered

Our veterinarians are skilled in the treatment and management of trauma and critical illness. And when every second counts, our in-house lab delivers rapid results.

Our critical care services include:

  • Emergency surgery
  • Digital radiology
  • Ultrasonography
  • Intravenous fluid therapy
  • Surgical and therapeutic laser treatment
  • Oxygen care
  • Cardiac and blood pressure monitoring
  • Labor and delivery assistance (cesarean section)

What to do during our regular business hours

If your pet has an emergency care need:

  1. Proceed straight to our office!
  2. If possible, please give us a call on your way so that we can prepare for your pet’s treatment on arrival.
  3. If you suspect the ingestion of a possible toxin is responsible for your pet’s emergency, please bring any available packaging.

If your pet has an urgent care need:

Please call our office and speak with one of our Client Care Representatives.

At Eastside Animal Hospital, we make every effort to treat our patients on a triage basis. So, please provide us the details of your pet’s urgent care needs. With your help, we can best schedule your pet’s appointment.

Emergency Pet Care in JeffersonvilleWhat to do after our regular business hours

Our veterinarians are available by phone until 8:00 pm. Please call our office at (812) 282-3855 and leave a message. One of our veterinarians will return your call within the hour.

If your pet has an emergency need and we are not immediately available, please contact a 24-hour emergency referral center.

The following 24-hour emergency centers will keep us at Eastside Animal Hospital informed of your pet’s medical condition.

Eastside Animal Hospital will take over the care when it’s in your pet’s best interest.